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David Lee Zellers, born February 14, 1961, the second and last son of Larry Gene Zellers & Sandra Joyce (McKinley) Zellers, has one brother Danny Eugene Zellers, born September 17, 1957. Started Genealogy project in 1979 when assisting Harvey L. Long author of the "Big Long Family in America". Then began my own research in 1982, made numberous trips to locations where family had relocated. Started retrieving records from Courthouses, Archives, etc... A Cousin descendant of David D. Zellers 1851-1926, namely Lavon M. (Price) Doherty made available her research to me early 1990's. Tress Pittenger Jr. another Cousin, and descendant of David Zeller 1805-1888 had done previous research on this family. Many since then have added to the ever growing Zellers Family Album.  I own my monument specialist business in Leaf River, Ogle Co., IL. called Zellers Tombstone Repair, and play bass guitar in local bands for over 30 years, some a little more known than others.

My Titles include: Creator/Administrator of the Zellers Family Website; Administrator of Zeller, Zellars, Zellers, Zoeller, Zoellers boards at Ancestry & Rootsweb.com; Administrator of the Western Maryland website; Ogle County Historian; Historian @ Bertolet Memorial Library District; and District Firefighter for Leaf River Fire Protection District; Creator/Webmaster of the Leaf River Website; Webmaster of the LRFPD Website; Administrator of the Pittenger Family Website better known as John & Margaret's World.

The History or Story Behind My Site

This site only begins with Jonas Zeller, the suspected Father of Jonas is rumored to be Jacob Zeller of Heidelburg Baden Germany. I do not have any record of this and cannot add it as fact. Hopefully I will find more on his family.  So far 2006 I have almost confirmed that Jonas Zellers was born in Maryland in 1769, with the recent finding of land transactions dated 1793 Jacob Zellers mortgaged the Zellers lands to secure loans to David LeFevre of Washington Co., MD. husband of Mary (Zeller) LeFevre whos family lines go to the Fort Zeller family located in PA., with it being confirmed that Jonas and Jacob Zellers brothers lived on each side of one Hartman Zeller who also his family was of the same lines in PA..  I have not made the connection yet but it is in my opinion I am going to find out that our two elusive brothers parents were most likely in PA. and that they later moved to the area of either their Uncle or Grandfather who had migrated to MD. from PA. earlier..  The connection is probably a easy one, but the children of these lines do not show anywhere in any family records that I know of..  I do have the line from the Fort Zeller Family in PA., where I have been using this as a base to connect from both directions.  The in between is what is missing.

My line to Jonas Zeller:

Jonas Zeller 1769-1835 m. Susan Long ca. 1770-b.1835
Daniel B. Zellers 1818-1906 m. Mary Long 1822-1896
Martin H. Zellers 1863-1936 m. Anna M. Keedy 1864-1930
Carl E. Zellers 1906-1994 m. Kathryn A. Wolfe 1914-
Larry G. Zellers 1937 m. Sandra J. McKinley 1938
David L. Zellers 1961 m. Shannon D. Jackson 1963

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