Zellers Family

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The Family of Jonas Zellers, Washington Co., Maryland

The family goes as follows:

Jonas Zellers 1769 = 03-08-1835 married Elizabeth _________ they had seven children one suspected to have been left in Germany with grandparents where she married (Rumored).

1. Daughter Zellers b. unk. d. unk. m. Germany (RUMOR)
2. John Johannes Zellers  01-25-1797 = 08-1850 Un-married
3. Samuel Zellers  09-26-1798 = 09-24-1868 m. Margaret Young (5) children
4. Sarah Zellers  03-02-1800 = bef. 1835.

5. David Zellers  03-13-1805 = 02-27-1888 m. Rosanna Elizabeth Lantz (7) children
6. Mary Zellers  ca. 1809 = 1843 m. Daniel Moats (3) children
7. Michael Cramer Zellers  09-181202-02-1899 m. Mary Eve Firey (10) children

Jonas Zellers then married a widow Mrs. Susan Long who had four children with Mr. Long before having at least two children, rumored to have had seven.
(Ogle County Biographical Album 1886 Chapman Bros. Chicago, IL.)

8. Nancy Zellers 03-12-1816 = 10-29-1863 m. John Ridenour m. Robert Ritchison

9. Daniel Boone Zellers 4-12-1818 = 6-25-1906 m. 03-30-1843 Mary Long (9) children

Children of Daniel Boone Zellers & Mary Long

  • Elizabeth 1844-1845
  • Sarah J. 1845-1900 /m. Jacob G. Roland
  • Elenora 1847-1932 /m. Joel Stoner /m. Henry J. Row
  • John F. 1850-1902
  • David D. 1851-1926 /m. Laura V. Row
  • Mary J. 1854-1926 /m. Wm. Lewis Stine
  • Lovina 1856-1862
  • Daniel B. 1859-1920 /m. Julia A. Stouffer
  • Martin H. 1863-1936 /m. Anna Mary Keedy

Salem Reformed Church Cemetery, MD.

Many Zeller, Zellers are buried in this Cemetery, two families who we believe to be Cousins lived in the same area. Most named their children very similiar to each other...

Our Zeller family found in Salem Graveyard, MD.

In June of 1999 my father and I took a trip to Washington County, Maryland, to finally get out of my system the curiousity of our family who died and remained in Maryland after our line migrated to Ogle County, Illinois in 1844. The trip was approx. 16 hours on the road. We finally, the second day found our family buried in Salem Graveyard, in between Cearfoss, and Hagerstown, MD. Samuel Zeller of Jonas was buried along side his wife as was David Zeller of Jonas and his wife. There were others buried there, who I believe to be the second family named Zeller, and cousins of our Zeller family. The first day we spent in Williamsport, MD. where more of our family lived.

Zellers Family Migrations

Many Zellers Family members migrated westward over the years, many family members went to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and many other states.

Washington County Census records MD.

Jonas does not show in the 1790 Census
1810; 1820; 1830;

David & R.A. Zeller

Salem Church Cemetery burials of both Zeller families are within this cemetery, but we didn't find Jonas, Elizabeth, Susan, Sarah, John, or Mary Zeller

Henry S. Zeller

Henry Samuel Zeller married Ann Cecelia Zeller daughter of David & Rosanna E. (Lantz) Zeller, this is the only relationship between the two Zeller families I could find.